Friday, October 8, 2010

Road ID Interactive Review

I just purchased a Road ID interactive bracelet to wear when I ride my bike or just about anytime actually. Lots and lots of mixed reviews and there was one posting where people said it's just an absolute waste (revenue generator) they called it.

I have some ideas that might hopefully change "their" mind, or at least give you some insight before purchasing.

  1. On my wrist ID with the interactive the (2)nd line usually shows (in ads anyway)-City & State.

  2. NOT ME-Wife's first name and cell phone number (Why?)

**Too many people said "who's going to use the automated system" I agree to a certain extent. If you're found on the side of the road, an EMT won't be looking for an ID. They will be looking for Injuries and for ways to save your life **

  1. Now maybe, while you're being treated someone will see it and say "OH...this person's name is ........., and their spouse or girlfriend is on here!!! Great, let's get some info. (NOW THIS MY FRIENDS...JUST MADE THE ID A GREAT IDEA).

  2. Now, do you know your spouse's blood type? Do you know by name what medications they are taking? Do you know their Doctors name, name of practice AND phone number? Do you know if they have allergies or allergic reactions?

**Starting to see the point????? Sure, your mate might be able to answer a couple of those if they're not freaking out about you.

  1. The key I think, is that while you're being treated or in route to the hospital SOMEONE could be on the phone or a computer and have those questions answered in a FLASH.

  2. No one I believe is going to pickup your bike, open the road bag under the seat and check for your driver's license, Old ID, etc. Your Road ID will be with you, on you and will follow you all the way to the hospital.

**That's the long and short of it...looking forward to your responses.